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Show your colours with SOCS sport Team Kit Builder
v ISA National U15A Girls Tennis
Fixture Details Selected Girls-U15A
Team: Girls-U15A
Venue: Away | Lawrence Sheriff St Map icon
Date: Wed 11 May 2022
Coach: tbc
Lunch Time: 08:00
Meet Time: 08:00
Start Time: 10:00
Return Time: 18:00
  1. Isi Freeman
  2. Darcy Fielder
  3. Georgie Austin
  4. Rose Mutimer
Further Information: Full St Edward’s tracksuit to travel in.

School white polo, School skort, white ankle socks and water.

Emergency contact: Miss A McGowan 07799887279

Registration and Warm Up: 9.00-9.45am
Coaches Briefing: 9.45am
Tournament Timings: 10.00am – 4.30pm
Tournament Information
• Singles in the morning and doubles in the afternoon.
• Matches will not be scheduled to fixed times; orders of play will be available.
• Matches will be played on hard court surface.
• Changing rooms will be available, do not leave personal belongings in there during the day.
Tournament Rules
• Please provide one tube of balls per player with the school name clearly marked on the tube.
• The event will run in accordance with the LTA Rules & Regulations, unless stated otherwise.
• Groups will be assigned specific courts.
• Timings are approximate and due to the nature of sport, timings may be delayed. We will
endeavour to keep this schedule, but please do be prepared for change.
Warm Up:
• During warm up, please be considerate of other teams and share the space (10 mins each).
• Players are entitled to warm up for a maximum of 30 seconds prior to a match.
• You may then continue a non-ball warm up elsewhere (where appropriate).
• Points will be awarded in the following manner throughout the day:
3 Points for a win
1 point for a draw
Group Matches:
• Matches will consist of 4 games.
• Players will toss/spin for serve and may choose to serve or pick ends.
• Players will swap sides after 2 games giving each player one serve at each end.
• There will be no tie break at 2-2.
• If groups are an uneven size average points won will decide placing. If two players or pairs are
tied on score the players with the greatest number of matches won will qualify. If this is still a
draw a coin toss will decide the placing positions.
• In some instances, players may have to play several games back-to-back.
Knockout Matches:
• Matches will be first to 3 games.
• There will be a tie break at 2 games all, played to 5 points.
• A deciding point will be played at 4 points all.
• Matches will be first to 5 games.
• There will be a tie break at 4 games all, played to 5 points.
• A deciding point will be played at 4 points all. (subject to shortening due to time restrictions).
No advantage scoring:
• If the score reaches deuce, a sudden death point will decide the winner of the game.
• The receiver chooses which side to take the serve on.
• This also applies in doubles with the receiving pair deciding who receives the serve – however
the pair cannot change positions.
• Please may all coaches be aware of their player’s time keeping on and off the court ensuring
that the group stages move along as quickly as possible.
• Players are discouraged from taking toilet breaks during matches and will only be allowed off
the court to do so in exceptional circumstances.
In matches played without a Chair Umpire:
• Each player or doubles pair is responsible for all calls on their side of the net.
• ‘Out’ and ‘fault’ calls must be made loudly and promptly after the ball has bounced.
• If a player incorrectly calls ‘fault’ or calls ball ‘out’ and then realises that the ball was good, the
point should be replayed unless it was clearly a point-winning shot.
• Each player must, where in doubt, give the benefit of the doubt to the opposition.
• The server must call the score before each serve, loudly enough for the opposition to hear.
• If a player is unhappy with the decisions or actions of the opposition, the player may call the
court supervisor.
• Spectators should not attempt to resolve the issue or influence any decision.
• A player must be ready to play and present themselves before their next match starts.
• If a player is not ready when called upon (unless for justifiable reasons), they will forfeit the
• Play must continue in a timely manner; should a player be deliberately slowing the game
down they will be warned by the court manager in the first instance before penalty points are
Transport: DK70 BBX For information on prospects of play and the latest information regarding this fixture please
visit our Sports Website here